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Pen/Man/Ship, by Christina Anderson (photos: Brud Giles)

Kris Stone

Queens For a Year, by TD Mitchell (photos: Robert Perry)


Blood and Gifts, by JT Rogers (photos: Craig Schwartz)


The Pavilion, by Craig Wright (photos: Sandra Coudert)


Blueprints to Freedom, Michael Benjamin Washington (photos: John Narun)


Love in Afghanistan, Charles Randolph Wright (photos: Teresa Wood)

The Other Thing, by Emily Schwend (photos: Joan Marcus)

The Invisible Hand, by Ayad Akhtar (photos: Michael Brosilow)
Ruth Fremson

Don't Go Gentle, by Stephen Belber (photos: Joan Marcus​)


Terminus, by Gabriel Jason Dean (photos: Maria Baranova)


Daybreak, Joyce Van Dyke (photos: John Quincy Lee and Sheryl Liu)

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